Which is Better: Makeup Cleanser

Warning: This post contain a lot of pictures to show you which product is best.  FYI: Semua produk yang gue pakai dipost ini ga mengandung alkohol sama sekali, dan super afforable (below 200K). Dan ga disponsor yah. This is pure what i want to share to my readers. ^^ Halo! Kali ini gue mau share … Lanjutkan membaca Which is Better: Makeup Cleanser

Which is Better? Concealer

Hello again!! Let's cut off the introduction! Here i will review a bit about 2 concealer that are so hype in media. LA Girl HD pro Conceal vs Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser There’s is a lot of various color range that you can choose. How they explain about this product: Crease-resistant, opaque coverage … Lanjutkan membaca Which is Better? Concealer


as you know, now BB Cream is very popular among the lovers make up, even for thelayman BB Cream makes them curious and want to try it. This is a bit of a Review ofMaybelline products that I use for seharo-day. very light, cover, and do not ruin yourpretty face! ^ ^ This is a picture of a new product design. back side of the product old design there are actually two colors of Maybelline BB Cream. fresh and natural # # # I myself use a fresh .. and this is the real review swatch.... ^^ the colors blend together well, cover with a good, lightweight, and is one of myfavorite products from Maybelline! Would not it … Lanjutkan membaca REVIEW BB CREAM Maybelline