new sites!

Hello everyone!

Thankyou for visiting my blog, from now on, i just move to new site, go click here for easy access.


It’s been a long journey for me to change my site address, but everyone need to move, right? I’ve started this blog from 2011, pure because i don’t have any idea what to do, so i started writing and telling some silly experience i had. Then it grow to beauty content because my interested is also makeup, and sice then i regurally write about beauty content on this blog.


Long short story, i worked on some company that require my whole time, so i had a hard time to write my blog, after my contract is over, i start and pursue my dream and loves of writing, reviewing, and keep on wondering about beauty, that’s why my blog name is Wondering beauty, i guess? haha.


I’ll keep writing, attending beauty event and reviewing as many products as i can on my new site, .

See u there! 

P.S: i love reading all the comments on my blog, and loved to reply it one by one. So, don’t be shy to write some! ^^

Stay Fab ♥ ,


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