Holiday Makeup Look: Collab

Hello everyone! December always been my fav month after January. I love how everything looks so pretty with lights and christmas decoration. I love waiting in the rooftop while my friends make some BBQ and yummy beverage to welcome new year every year. I love how my scheduled are full with gift exchange plan, meet … Lanjutkan membaca Holiday Makeup Look: Collab

3 Romantic Look TUT

Hello everyone! In this video i share my 3 different look using the same base simple product to get suble and romantic look. Just a slightly changing colors on eyes and lips will change your look! Don't forget to like and subscribe! ^^ (PS: I'm really sorry that this video are interuppted at 4:38. I … Lanjutkan membaca 3 Romantic Look TUT


Happy Halloween everyone! Look kalian halloween ini apa sih? *kepo* :)) To be honest, gue kurang suka dengan look makeup halloween yang serem berdarah-darah atau macam skull dengan efek tulang yang keliatan kemana-mana. Kesannya nyeremin dan jadi bikin ga nafsu makan. HAHAHA. Tapi beberapa waktu lalu gue nonton salah satu beauty guru yang bikin look … Lanjutkan membaca LOOK: ICE CREAM GIRL l HALLOWEEN MAKEUP