Review: Secret Key Repairing Gel

This few months i'm obbsesed with skin care. Especially with product that contain words like "Moisture, Repair, Shoothing, or Hydrates". I buy a lot of skincare product cause of that words! haha. silly me. BUt yeah, i but it for reviewing too, so.. it's okay, rite? *smirk* So, today's review is coming up from Korean … Lanjutkan membaca Review: Secret Key Repairing Gel

Tutorial: New Year Carnival Look

Sooo... How's life beauties? in 2013 i'm came up with a lot of things that i need to fix here and there, so i'm so sorry not to update this blog from Desember freaquently like usual i did. My last post about my fav BB cream is update on November. And now i'm back and … Lanjutkan membaca Tutorial: New Year Carnival Look