Today’s Look: Earthy Goldin

Udah mulai kesel ga liat look-look imut nan manis plus background super pinky? Hahaha. I'm actually not a pinky kind of girl. Vanity gue banyakan warna-warna earthy tone atau nude. Baju atau tas gue juga kebanyakan monochrome polos. But yeah, girl will be girl. Teteup pengen ada manis-manisnya yah. Hehehe Bosen sama gaya yang kemaren-kemaren … Lanjutkan membaca Today’s Look: Earthy Goldin

Which is Better? Concealer

Hello again!! Let's cut off the introduction! Here i will review a bit about 2 concealer that are so hype in media. LA Girl HD pro Conceal vs Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser There’s is a lot of various color range that you can choose. How they explain about this product: Crease-resistant, opaque coverage … Lanjutkan membaca Which is Better? Concealer

Tutorial : based of Yellow – Blue Flower that i post before ^^

As I promised, here's the results of my experiment inspired by the beautiful flowersthat I photograph yesterday. ^ ^ Check This Out! this is before i use make up.. today i use this Garnier Pact Powder. Thsi product actually light, good, and cover so-so.. and this one is the sneak peek ^^ oh gosh~ my acne is too clear here... 😦 hahaa this one is before i … Lanjutkan membaca Tutorial : based of Yellow – Blue Flower that i post before ^^