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Hello everyone! Thankyou for visiting my blog, from now on, i just move to new site, go click here for easy access. It's been a long journey for me to change my site address, but everyone need to move, right? I've started this blog from 2011, pure because i don't have any idea what to … Lanjutkan membaca new sites!


P.S: this site are replaced with the new one. Go visit for the next post like innisfree volcanic pore clay mask, the balm, Purbasari Hi Matte lip cream, etc! Makeup & New York, isn't a good combo? I've watch many many many beauty gurus & fashion blogger who lived in New York, and since … Lanjutkan membaca NEW YORK, I’M IN LOVE!

Hair Journey Part 4: Dark Burgundy Hair, again.

Yaps, ini adalah warna rambut baru gue. Gue, yang punya tipikal seneng gonta-ganti warna rambut tanpa pengen bikin rambut gue rusak, selalu hati-hati banget kalau pilih pewarna rambut. Selalu cari warna aman (gak terlalu ngejreng), tapi tetep stylist dan ga monoton, praktis diaplikasiin dengan tangan (karena as you know, sekalinya ke salon buat cat rambut, … Lanjutkan membaca Hair Journey Part 4: Dark Burgundy Hair, again.