NARSissist: Unfiltered II cheek palette

New babies on my vanity! This limited edition cheek palette is from NARS. One of high-end brand found  1994 in New York, AS.


They had 2 kind of palette you can choose from. One is unfiltered I, which has a redish shade, and unfiltered II which more in pinkish & orangy side.


it contains 6 blush colors from matte to shimmer one. From soft pale pink, gold to deep rosy color in one palette. The packaging is always on point, Nars like. Simple, sleek, a lil bit heavy, yet chic and compact. You also get a good-quality full mirror in this palette. The cover is in blush pink with mirror like effect, has NARS-issist typography too.


There’s 2 shimmery colors: Hot Sand & Undefeated, and 4 matte blusher: Conquest, Power Play, Fame & Candid.


The formula is not powdery at all, i try to use my brush and my hand to swatch it, and there is (almost) no fall-out in all the colors. The color are so pretty, but you need to build up the color and intensity. The shimmers are also pretty, it has a fine sparkling feeling (almost like highlighter), i like to use it after i apply the mattes one,makes my cheeks feel alive and glamour.

The price itself is $59 at & Sephora.


Stay Fab ♥,


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