Perfectly Unperfect: Piece of my real life story

Welcome to my personal life!


Few weeks a go, i was just chilling my self in front TV, and sat down on my couch and become a couch potato while eating snacks. Haha. Just kidding, just get rid of that “snack”. Long short story, i was watching Australia Next Top Model TV Show, and saw there is “a no makeup photoshoot” that all the models did. I was shock, and in the same time stunned by their natural beauty.

It’s inspired me to share my personal life experience about getting job, doing my passion, while people (ppl) around me are questioned my ability.

So i decided to make one for myself, and challanging my self to post it on my blog. A totally 0% makeup, without any fancy accecories, pretty clothes or any photoshoot magic. Just me, in natural hair (i even not brush it, lol), natural lights, camera, and true expressions of mine.


So here’s the story begin. I was 25 y’o right now. Had a lot of worries and concern for my life, while i’m still maintaining balances for my life. I’ve left my “steady job” as Management Developt Program in one of the biggest and famous Japannese resto in Indonesia. Many of my acquintance envy me, for my job in my age. FYI, i got that job before i graduated my bachelor. So, it’s kinda achievement for me.

A lot of ppl around me questioned why on earth i left my job? What would i do? How i will pay all my bills? Could i enjoy online shopping makeup products just like i usually do, most of my pay day? Could i enjoy my fancy coffee from a fancy coffee shop? Could i hang out with my friends as often as i did before? Could i traveling, while not having that “steady job” ? Could i? Could i?

I do questioned myself.

But, i just left. And decided to build my makeup artist bussiness and developt my blog. While i’ve been vacuum for 2 years because of my “steady job“. And while there is a tons of Makeup Artist & blogger out there. But i just need to go.

The show must go on. 


So here i’m after almost 7 months retired from my”steady job“. Feel more alive, happy, independent, free, and most of all, i do what i like to do. I do what makes me happy and become more me.

25 years old is when ppl says that our age are the age of doubt, intersection of life, confusions, and the age of questioned a lot of things in the future. And yes, i do had that words in my head. But i keep doing what i like. I keep building and developing what makes me life more optimal. In my own ability and talent.


I learn more techniques of makeup, i learn how to apply product in several ways that i’ve never done before, i’ve participated on Bridal Exhibition as one of their vendor, i learn to write a better content for my blog, i learn to take a better photos using equipment that i have, i learn how to make videos, shooting, setting, and editing all that files into 1 whole video that ppl can enjoy.

And it’s more satisfying than my old “steady job“.


I’m not perfect, but i found my “perfectly unperfect” side of me in this journey. At least, i keep growing, and made myself a better person day by day. Without pressured by others, society, or maybe family member or friends paradigm.

Now, i still having a good time unboxing beauty box from Brand PR and little bit of online shopping (of course), i still having a very good time hanging out with my closes friends, and even my old friends that i’ve never met for 2 years (while i’m busy with my job), i still having 2 times travelling (domestics and international destination) with my family and friends, and i still i can build my MUA bussiness and developing my blog, even now my youtube channel. Yay!

Just keep doing what your passionate are, Believe in Him, and be kind to others.

I hope, when u read this, i give you the courage u need in your life, keep curious, keep wondering,and don’t forget to stay fabulous. Because you are.

Good luck beauties!

Stay fab ♥,


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2 pemikiran pada “Perfectly Unperfect: Piece of my real life story

  1. It’s an inspiring story chris :). I have same experience like you but a little different. I deciced to leave a steady job because of health and mental issues, but until now I didn’t have a courage to dream again..I am afraid I picked the wrong dream like I did before. I do continue my blog and start my small product buisness with my friend..I do start my own make up buisness too but I don’t know, I have a lot of anxiety about it. Thank you for article..maybe I should have more courage to dream again :’)..

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