Today’s Look: Nomad


Hello! How’s your day beauties!

I found my self and ppl around me are having a bad day these days, let say some is sick, having their home got flooded, our friends in US are prostesting about the election, etc, etc. I hope your days are better and brighter!

Today, i want to share one of my randomness from playing makeup. I just scrolled to instgram so hard these day, try to find interesting account about fantasy makeup and face paint. And this is what i got after a long scroll. LOL2

I named it Nomad, because this look are actually inspired by some mediterian, mongolian, and egyptian. Whose i know, are people who love traveling and had their home under the sky. It represent freedom, creativity, fierce, and at the same time, stunning! 4

Some of the product that i use:

  • Emina Eyedo! Eyepencil in Blue
  • LT Pro Body Painting in White
  • LA Girls Glazed in Daring topped with brown eyeshadow to give the ombre effect.
  • Wardah EyeXpert
  • Sleek I divine V2 Matte in noir



What’s your fav look these day? Comment below!

Stay Fab ♥,


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