Wardah Intense Matte Lipstick


Hey beautylovers!

Actually this post was hold on my draft for like.. almost 2 months! i don’t know why. I just want to share to much to all my readers, and forgot to share this product to you. Pardon me. Well.. let’s get start the review!


Product Name: Wardah Intense Matte Lipstick

Just like the name, its’ lipstick, has a matte finish on it, and it’s intense!

It comes with 12 different colors form nude to dark burgundy colors. Here’s no 01 dan 02 that i just enjoy and loves so much!34

The packaging it self are really pretty. The box colors are matches with all of the shades! I love how clean and sleek the box are!


What i don’t like: The product packaging itself is just a regular lipstick bottle (?) with silvery-semi-matte plasticy. But i love how compact and slim they are. Sometimes i forgot i bring them on my pouch, just because they are so light!

01. Socialite Peach
02. Blushing Nude


PS: It can dry up your lips if you not using any lip balm before hand. So make sure to moisturize your lips before using any kind of matte-lipstick, ok? 🙂

Stay Fab ♥,


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