Today’s Look: Reversed

Not really long time ago, i saw

a video tutorial by Risabae about making this look. untitled

Not excatly the same, i just got inspired. The makeup is about “erasing” your makeup from your face in a certain area. I decided to make a reversed version of her makeup.


Adding some detail like different eye color to make it more even.


Feels like doing makeup form black and white screen. LOL5

What do you think? Cek her youtube and insta for sure! She is so cool!

You know, when we have makeup on, we would like to take a picture of that makeup to post on our social media or blog? I do that too, for several 5-10 minutes, posing in front of my phone, and got tired afterwards. So here’s my face after take a ton of photos.



Stay Fab ♥,


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