Review: Bath Milk Sweet Pea (Sponsored)

It’s kinda rainy and chill in my town. So i think i had a lot of dead skin on all over my body. But, lucky me, i found this product to cheer up my mood while taking bath.. ^^


Remember i’ve post sweet pea dry shampoo before? Click here if you’ve miss it. 🙂


So let’s get started to review this new babies!


The packaging is kind simple with plastic bottle and sticker filled with information about the product. The lid is from plastic too, with extra lid inside to keep the product secure, and less mess.


My ring is super cute, isn’t it? :p

How to use it? Here’s the step by step using this milk bath.


All u need is only: water, spoon, and lil bowl/container. Mix the product with water 1:2.try not to make it too thick.


Actually there is 2 ways to use this product, as scrubber eithermask for your body while take a bath. I like mine be scrubber, cause the texture is kinda soft and match with my skin condition. 🙂


Hope u like my post!

Stay Fab ♥,

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