REVIEW: Sweet Pea Dry Shampoo (Sponsored)

Who easily got oily hair like me? Raise your hand please. Cause i know there is a lot of woman who had a bad hair day, just like me. Baju uda kece, makeup uda mantep, ehhhh… ini rambut malah lepek ga bisa diajak kerjasama. Padahal waktu uda mepet. Mau keramas, ga akan keburu. Mau keramas poni doang kaya tips” kece dari internet?? lah.. ntar basah di jalan dong poni gueeehhh… TIDAAAKKK!!

So, here i come with the newest solution for ya girls!! HA!


Apa sih dry shampoo itu? Just like the name, shampoo kering. Iya, udah. Segitu doang. Tapi hasilnya? ga cuma segitu doang kok. Just check this one!


The day i take this photo is the day i rush into my campus to sign my graduation certificate. And guess what? Yeap, i will be late if i wash my hair first. So, i took this little cutey lavender can from my vanity and do a lil magic for my hair~ lalalaaa


So, this is how this product look.

Powdery, White, in the can filled with lavender scent and  purple pastel color for the packaging. And a lil touch of cute tutu.

Can’t help for the cutest!! XD

Then… how i take the product and apply it on my hair?

Big Brush it is! 😀


Dip your brush a lil bit.


Get too much on your brush?


Pull a lil bit of your brush in to the can to excess some powder.


Okay, now is enough.

Now, see how my hairs look before i use Sweet Pea Dry Shampoo >>

20141007_091821  20141007_091809

Then this is when i apply Sweet Pea Dry Shampoo on my hair, i love rubbing it on my hair.

I can smells the lavender scent a lil bit.

20141007_092341  20141007_092506

 TARAAA! Can u see the difference? My hair now had more volume than before.


Love this product!

If u want this product (or i mean… need this) go to their Instagram @sweetpeadryshampoo_id : Official instagram account.

These lil useful product are only 55K / Jar, they come in 5 scent varian such as Sweet Lavender ( one that i use ), Romantic Rose, Cooling Mint, Chocolate, Fresh Orange. And another good news is… u can get 5K discount by use this magic word “endorsebychristin” ! hehe. ^^

” The best revenge is a good hair” – read it somewhere.


logo baru banget

@christin_bun 😀


2 pemikiran pada “REVIEW: Sweet Pea Dry Shampoo (Sponsored)

  1. Hi Christin!!^^ thank you ya buat reviewnyaa, iya bener kalo keramasin poninya doang ya kudu makan waktu lagi buat ngeringin dan ngeblow2nya..

    keep writing ya^^


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