Tutorial: Peacock Eyemakeup (Dailyware)

Eye makeup is never been boring. So, here i try to make some beautiful eyemakeup inspired by peacock color, Blue, Green, and Brown to apply it for daily use.


Okay, let’s start the tutorial picture tour! ^^C

First, of course i’m applying some of eyeshadow base ( mine here is, Nyx eyeshadow base in White Pearl ).D

Then, apply some green color on my lid (inner)F

Then, the bright blue in the middle of the lid.G

Then, some electric blue in the 3rd of the lid, followed with brown color -blend of the color. (watch out not to blend the green and blue color too much, you don’t wnat the pure color dissapear for this look).H

Then, Voila! Put some coat of mascara, or some falshies. Then you ready to rock some party or sepcial occasions!I J A


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