REVIEW: Revlon Photoready Airbrush

Hellow again beauties! ^^

Today i’ll review some of my March haul. 🙂

Yap! as u seen the main words above there, this is review about REVLON Photoready Airbrush! i’ve bought this product and lucky me, get 25% off discount on Istana Plaza counter last month! Yippie! How can i’m not happy with makeup discount? HAHA

So, let’s start the review! ^^

First, Revlon gave us 5 kind of different shade.

1. Shell

2. Nude

3. Natural Beige

4. Medium Beige

5. Golden Beige


Mine, is shade number #4, just because i want make my make up as natural as i’m but, want a lil bit tan for now, so i choose this shade. my actually skin color for this product is shade #3 ^^

And this is what this product look like


Elegant yet simple packaging, really Revlon signature. ❤




That bling-bling part is where the “foundation mousse” will came out.

Love this, make our product will clean as well.


And “brrruuussshhh” that’s what i heard when i push the button.


Because this is a mousse foundation, so you will found a lot of air when the product is out.

WHAT i >3 from this product:

1. It’s Light

2. Love the packaging

WHAT i not really like from this product:

1. The coverage is only medium state. If you had a lot of redness area / acnes, prepare your concealer. 🙂

2. The color shade is not really match with indonesian skin color. Shade number #1 and  #2 is really pale and looks like for highlighting. 😦

OVER all, i love REVLON products! ^^

oh yeah, you will know how this product works on my face for the next post.
“PEACHY BRIDE” is the coming soon post! ^^

see you!

XOXO, @christin_bun

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