LOOK : Dazzling Like Marilyn

After saw IBB MUC (Indonesia Beauty Blogger MAke Up Challage), i was so excited! cause what? Because, i ussually do some crazy and arty makeup, and now, i feel challaged by this make up concept and theme. yeap! This is Malryn Monroe make up in my version. Happy to take a picture whit a short hair again. hihi~

So here is it! Marlyn Monroe asian version with many face expressions, like ussually i add to my post. ^^ ENJOY!



it’s a lil bit strage to not add some yutorial for my post on blog, so, i will explain a lil bit anout this look. ^^

What i use:

  1. Coastal Scent Eyeshadow
  2. Nyx Eyeshadow
  3. Wet n Wild Gel eyeliner
  4. Wardah Red lipstcik pallete
  5. Kryolan for my shading
  6. Revlon 2 way cake foundation powder
  7. Etude for my brow


Face expression ~ What’s your fav? πŸ˜€

And for the rest of another pic, i share my real hair, i mean without styling or someting.

here is it!


Which one you like most? the short (hair) one or the long hair one? hihi

note: the dress that i use for this look i design especially for my friend wedding, and i just wear it and think it’s match with this look.

And, thanks to Marlyn Monroe for inspired many women to be pretty!



Marilyn real!

and this is Marlyn Monroe in modern world. Scarlet Johannsen! ❀ ❀ Beautiful!!

scarlett johanshen

XOXO, @christin_bun

*smocch with red lipstick*




6 pemikiran pada “LOOK : Dazzling Like Marilyn

  1. cakepppp , cuman kalo eyeshadownya bling” pasti mirip banget :p
    btw , aku udah follow wordpress cc , follback ya , pengen ngumpulin followers nih aku hihi :3

      1. mananya say yang ga ada kotak follow? di aku ada kok.. πŸ™‚ kecil di bawah tulisa following sebelah kanan. btw, it sebenernya glittery, cuma ga keliatan yah >< haha

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