Review: FAVORITE Product of the month! ( february )

Hello March! Welcoming new month with smile and swipe away your stress skin and mind! yeaahhh~ last month is lil bit stressful for me, coz i start my routine again, which is do a (lot) of assignment from my lecturer, and do many things such as make up job and event. So, the result is.. i have a heve dull skin and dry skin.. T.T huhu..

But, This product actually help me a lot! woohooo~

So, please allow me to share this one ^^

i actually not really into body lotion routine everyday. i just use it when i needed. And for some reason, i had a lot of body lotion ( yeah, sometimes i’m crazy of discount on store and buy some, and never use it. HAHA, i had maybe about 5/6 kind of body lotion on my room. LOL) and so far, this is my favorite one. NIVEA Intensive Body Lotion.


It’s really delicate and have a soft fragrance. Creamy and moisture my skin a lot.


Before i use this, my skin is really dry, until when my nail wrench my skin, my skin turn into white. “So it’s time to use some moisturaizer body lotion,”i thought”.

When u apply this lotion first time on your skin, your skin will feel really rich of moisture. Feed your skin, especially if your age is >20. ^^


And yes, people, i had 2 kind of same product. HAHA. Look how consumtive i’m! *this is not worth to be proud, sorry -.-*

But, just in case you wnat to know, why i have 2 same product here, i’ll tell you~

This is becauseeee… (NO NO,NOT because i’m consumtive people) it’s because when i go to supermarket, i see the discount tag say “Get 2, Pay 1″  OH-HO! then, my hand take it immadietely. -.-” HAHA.

Okay, enough for sharing.

have a nice day everyone!



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