Tutorial: Green Feather Fairies

Hello beauties! Coming back with crazy makeup! yay! I always like do something crazy and creative with my make up collection. And today i’ll post some of my art work.

This look actually inspired by me, who found a beautiful feather sell in bookstore. Once i saw that, my hand automatically take that and buy it. LOL!

And when i’m home, i take my beauty case and start the experiment immadiately! Woohoo~

Let’s see my artwork guys~

nb: i’m sorry i’m not take scene per scene pictures for this tutorial. My hands and brain is busy working with this look! LOL >,<

This is the final look. ^^

IMG_0020dsad IMG_0020dsadk IMG_0030j

And because i’m can’t give you the step by step part as usual,( it’s because i forgot, since i touch my brushes! >< ), then i’ll share what product i use for this look. Okay? ๐Ÿ™‚


It’s really simple makeup product:

1. Light and medium foundation, i blend it on my foundation mixer . (i want my face look lil bit pale to balance the eyes and lip)

2. Glitter.. Glitter.. all the way! ( i use this green glitter is the edge of my fake lashes )

3. Red – pink Blusher.

4. 2 way cake powder.

5. Dark foundation for shading my “chubby” T.T cheekbone. LOL!

6. Light pink foundation for highlighting.

7. Liquid gilttery liner.

nb: You can use any kind or brand makeup, brand is not really important if you have a great quality product. Choose wisely! ^^

And.. this is my “messy stuff” all around me when i do this experiment. ๐Ÿ˜€

Look at that beautiful feather! โค


And this is for you who curious about my hair do.ย 

And also detail for my fancy lashes!ย 

And… last but not least, my expression photo as usual~ ahahha XD

Make some fun with your make up beauties! ^o^/






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