Review: Wet n Wild is now in Indonesia! yay!

I’m so excited to review this product. This early month, Wet n wild IndonesiaΒ sent me an email and said they would sent me their product for me to review it. and i just got dooo happy, guess why? coz i’ve been so curious about their product, especially their superb eyeshadow. ahhh~ ya yaaa~ i know i shouldn’t talk to much, i know you all curious as i am. LOL

Check it out!

(it’s just a sneak peek form the real review, see u in the next post! wiihiii)

I got this packet after i’m home from my campus, and i’m so excited at the first sight. *lebeh*

What’s insideeee….~?


1 Cream eyeliner in Black (with the brush!)

2 Trio eyeshadow in Silent Treatment and Don’t Steal My Thunder

3 booklet


1 Cool T-shirt! :3

beautiful colour~ in love in loveeee!!

And what’s great is.. in the back of the product there is an easy direction to use the eyeshadow. wihiii~!

and it’s look like this..

The Cream Eyeliner is quite cute too!

Detail for you who curious about the eyeliner brush.. ^^

I’m so in love with the simple packaging and the very useful word they create in all their eyeshadow product. can’t wait to use this product for the birthday party i have this sunday! wiihiii~!

Thanks, to wet n wildΒ indonesia!

XOXO, @christin_bun


Satu pemikiran pada “Review: Wet n Wild is now in Indonesia! yay!

  1. Halo sista2 yang cantik. Sori cuman mau nawarin,aku jual barang WET N WILD loh. Harganya sama kayak di Web koq no Tipu2 πŸ™‚
    Kalo gak keberatan,boleh order di aku jdi lebih gmpang kan biasa di web lebih ribet dan ready stock juga semuanya >.<

    Cek aja yah FB
    Atau udha tau mau pesen apa,lgsg aja order 08179138331 / 21e4bc59 πŸ™‚
    TRUSTED SELLER! Bisa diliat testi2nyaaa. Thankiuu πŸ™‚

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