Experiment: Zombie Hand Makeup

*knockknock* rawwwrrrr~

I’m coming wif “ZOMBIE THEME” for this post.

I just started to curious about zombie things since my friend told me about The Walking Dead series (that i never watch till now, coz i’m scared enough to see the pic on google *sigh*). And a few days ago i just tried (again, experiment) the bloody makeup to my hand.

Let me know what do you think beaaties.. 🙂


Cool makeup!


more close up..

detail: bruise ( with pink and purple and lil bit black eyeshadow).

tips: do not use your shimmery eyeshadow beauties, it will be like u makeup-ing for beauty princess. it’s actually br

uise! LOL

important to make so skets

detail the scar and bruise after i’m done.

Tell me what u think in this comment box!


@christin_bun 3>

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