Tutorial: Baby Doll (inspired by) Anna Sui

Hello everyone! Now i’m just going with another make up tutorial! And now i pick some pictures from anna sui poster. and i just loovee the make up. bold, brave, and lil and sexy. And now.. let’s start with (yes, of course, bare face!) ^^

So this is my bare face without any make up.



How pale i’m.. T.T LOL

This is the final look of my tutorial.. 🙂 what do you think ?

Let’s start beautylicious! ^^

first: put pink eyeshadow under your eyebrow. then blend it.


Then, put purple eyesahdow and make an eyecat on in the end. blend it with another purple color to make it more real and have a dimention effect.


This is when i close my eye.



Third, take your sparkle white eysahdow ( or your can use white eye pencil) and apply it in the corner of your eye. Look the pic for sure. ^^

And apply it again under your waterline.



last, make your brow, apply some mascara (i don’t use any fake lashes here) and some blush on on your cheek. Then, don’t forget to set your hair like this. And VOILA! this is my experiment for ANNA SUI look. ^^



That’s all! enjoy my tutorial beautylious!

see ya in the next post! 😀

XOXO, @christin_bun

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