Make Up Inspiration : 90′ Lady

Hey u there babe! haha.. i just try to start with the 90’s dialog! so, today i will post some maek up inspiration for u all. I’m inspired by a 90’s lady that looks so elegant yet classic. so, i try my best to make this look. Enjoy people! ^^

This is the final look.

Intense lashies,classic, and hair!

so let’s start with … (YES! ) bare face…..

Then i made my hair lil bit blow out like the pictures.

Then, apply some mosturaizer, foundation, and concealer.

And also i make some contouring for my nose and cheeck.

for the eye, use earth color, like gold, gradation of brown, and some white for the under brow. mine is gradation brown and white for highlight. then i use some fake lashies and mascara.

Waer some old dress and pearl necklace.


With glasses. (sorry for a lot of pics, i just like to take my own oic. haha)

and this look especially i do for looxperiments! :*

Do you have an idea with look should i do for the next tutorial? just tell me! ^^



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