A lil’ gift from N i c o l e’ s

hello! today i will share some product from Nicole’s Brand ( original from Singapore ). About  a few weeks ago i’ve win some quiz from  twitter ( @christin_bun ) from @nicolesnatural . And i win some foot massage with their product. A lil’ explanation from this brand, Nicole’s is focusing on bathroom stuff like, shammpoo, conditioner, barsoap, bath soap, etc, and many cute and relaxing scent they have. they have original scent like: Mojito ( smeels lil bit like green tea with some mint effect), Green Tea, Lavender, Rose, and relaxing Wood. All their scent is wonderful! i love that Green Tea and Rose. ^^

okay, i know all of u feels some bored while read this post, so i will spam u with pictures! yay!

but…. i sorry for all af Nicole’s lovers.. because i dodn’t taking some pict when i get that foot massage. 😦 but don’t woory! i buy their product! so i will review it here!!!

i but their tea. i choose the Mojito one. curious? this is it!

for sure i’m a girl who loveeeee tea so much, espacially green tea, and oolong.. so when i see this Mojito tea, i’ve been very curoius about the taste and smeels. so check this out! ^^



1 pack = 3 sachets




before serving
my review:

taste: Good. not so strong but also tasty.

price: 12.500

hygine: absolutely nice.

design: somple yet chic!

what to buy another product: yes! ^^

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