tutorial: Eunhye for W magz

안녕하세요! (means: annyeonghaseyo) ^^ in this post, i will try to get a look like eunhye did on W magazine photo shot.

isn’t she is pretty? ^^ i’ve been zoom her eyes to make it clearly to you to see the details..

so, let;’s begin….

first, this is the final look for my tutorial..

did u like it? ^^

The tutorial has begun…….

my bare face… 😀

Then, i try to make my hair like eunhye did. pull off my hair to one side. and put some lashes.

then the eyeshadow.. just need one color for this look. #black. 🙂

result. closed eyes.

Photoshot of me. ^^

What I wore for this look:

  • Wardah Luminous foundation 3light beige
  • Vision Peach Me perfect skin glow
  • Silkygir; Gel Eyeliner #Black
  • Oriflame Eyeliner Stylo #Black
  • VeryMe double trouble #nightglow

Hope u like it! enjoy! ^^

XOXO, @christin_bun

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