TUTORIAL: Eunjung star at Dream High Korean Drama ^^

hello everyone! so this is the new tutorial from me..

i try to  make a look from eunjung T-ara on Dream high Korean Drama.

when, i saw this look, i really like the star at eunjung eye. so magnificient! and also sparkling on the stage.. 😀

so, this is my experiment to look like eunjug wif my style. hope u like it guys! ^^

This is how eunjung look.

closed up!

and this is me after put some foundie and white line as star.

then i put some black liner and eyeshadow to make some gradation.

from now, just see the picture, i also make this is really step by step and detail. so, u can learn and see how to make this look. ^^


my “another side of eye”


What I wore for this look:

  • Maybelline Clear Smoot BB cream #fresh
  • LT PRO dual function #DD02
  • Red Earth pencil liner #marshmellow 3008
  • #LT 2in1 Eyeshadow #Sandyplum
  • Silkygirl Gel liner #black
  • Revlon Colorstay eyeliner #black
  • Bkue electric glittery eyeshadow
  • LT PRO Powder blush pallete #01highlite
  • Wardah perfect red lip pallete #shocking pink blend with Revlon #01 #spice


XOXO, @christin_bun

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