Make up Tutorial : BOA – MV Game

So, this is my promise to post my make up tutoria inspired by MV BOA – game. it’s an old Korean MV btw.. but i really like the magnificient make up by jungsaemool . you also can see how she teach make up from the youtube by clicking the link. 🙂

so here is it the tutorial!

First, i maek my eyebrow use my Viva Eye Brow Pencil *favorite*

this the result. i’m sorry for my messy brow shape.. 😦

Then, i use my black eyeshadow, apply it like the picture i share.

Apply the same eyeshadow to your lower lashline.

Add some black to fullfill my lower lash line wif black liner pencil.

next, fullfill your black spot on the lid with some white pencil liner.

Make it more bold white white eyeshadow. Aplly the same eyeshadow to the corner of your eye.

Make it sparkling with some creamy white white eyeshadow.

See the difference? ^^

Then, this is the final look. err~ i’m really sorry for that “naughty” false lashies.. LOL looks not in the right spot, yeah? *pardon*

More photo….

And more… haha

what i wear:


Wardah foundation

Very me Peach me Glow Skin

PAC  Shimmering powder

Revlon compact powder

Mac blusher Pink


Wardah Lip Pallete


Lime Green ES

Dark Green ES

Light orange ES

Dark orange ES

Silkygirl Gel Eyeliner – black

Viva eyebrow pencil

Maybelline Cream ES – white

Maybelline Cream ES – peach red

hope you like it guys! fun to share! ^^

XOXO, @christin_bun

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