Maria’s make over & photoshoot

So, hello everyone! i’m back after my busy week on my campus.. *sigh*

then, today i’ll post some make over by me for my friend, Maria..

so, this is the picture of Maria before make up.

i’, so sorry for the lil dimension of this photo, because i don’t have her photo, so i crop my own photo from the saturday night hangout a few weeks ago.. ^^

first, i do make up for Maria wif SWEET Concept.

this photo i take wif my own camera on my house..

i give her my sleep buddy, Teddy to make an interesting chemistry for this look.

check this out..


Urban Decay primer potion

pink eyeshadow

pearl white eyeshadow

Silkygirl Gel liner #Black

Maybelline Mascara


Pink blush from MAC


and Pink Lipstick for the finishing look.

Then i try some different look for her.

this is what i call SEDUCTION SEXY look. hahaa..

i’m just curious about her sweetface, so i want to see her difference apperience wif this make up.

please tell me what do you think? 🙂


Urban decay Primer Potion

light brown eyeshadow for highlighting

dark brown for the counturing eye

*all my eyeshadow brand is form NYX pallete

Sylkygirl Gel liner #Black


Sariayu blush #shimmering brown


Hot red lipstick


I hope u like my make over! see ya! ^^



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