Beautiful scene, flower, and life…

Yesterday, i just come wif my Dycom friends to some place that called Imah Ulin. now, i just want to shere want i get there. maybe later i will tell u about what place Imah Ulin is. what makes me amaze is one of the flower garden. see how beautiful those things…

this picture i take from one of  the garden house there. Thsi garden especially plant Chrysantemum and ….. *so sorry i forgot to fast what this flower (the yellow and red) called). LOL~

this one is really beautiful. Fresh, Young, and Bright. Just like us, women who really like being bright wif our make up. haha XD


This flower is naturally grow like a bouquet. isn’t their pretty, huh? 🙂

this flower grow in 3 step colour: light yellow then when get older going to be blue and then blue – purple.

I just take my pic wif this beautiful Flower.. ^^

Please see the background scene of this pic. blue sky, green garden, beautiful flower means HAPPY ME! ^^

so this Uncle is the Flower farmer! he’s really kind. when i ask him how much that should i give when i buy 1 pot of flower and 1 bouquet, he said.. “5000 Rp is enough” and he come wif another bouquet and give it to me FREE! how nice you are! ^^ *DOUBLE HAPPY*

In the end of this post , i’ll give u a bonus pic of Chrysantemmum flower. hope u like it!

아름다운가 아닌가요? ^^

next post i will give u a tutorial that inspired by this beautiful flower. wait me!

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