a few days ago i go to BSM (Bandung super Mall) as u know, now going to TRANS STUDIO Bandung Mall. the biggest mall in Bandung. and for kill’ my time, i just go to the coffee shop and get some photos from there. and i also buy some MACAROONS from BAKERZIN. free time + coffee + macaroon = lil heaven! yay!

i just try to edit the photos on photoshop. what do you think? ^^

i love COFFEE, but i have a maag problem. so sometimes i can’t order coffee black or the strong one. 😦 poor me. this one that i have is MACHIATTO. 🙂

MACAROON! who dislike this cute-lil-cookies ? sweet and lovely! (like my day!)

haha. sorry for the last pic. i also like to put my own photo on my blog. 😀
hope u like it! ^^

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